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September 14, 2007


The 80’s The Era Of Funk/80年代のヴォーカル&インストゥルメンタル・グループ

"423","Rick James","Street Songs"
"425","Dazz Band","On the One"
"426","Ozone","Jump on It"
"427","Zapp","Zapp II"
"428","Slave","Stone Jam"
"429","Stone Jam","A Little Love"
"430","Civil Attack","Civil Attack"
"431","Shotgun","Ladies Choice"
"432","Dayton","Feel The Music"
"433","Color Band","Crazy"
"434","Jakky Boy & The Bad Bunch","I’ve Been Watching You"
"435","Lakeside","Fantastic Voyage"
"436","Midnight Star","No Parking On The Dance Floor"
"437","Dynasty","Adventures In The Land Of Music"
"438","The Deele","Street Beat"
"439","Collage","Do You Like Our Music?"
"441","The Change","The Glow Of Love"
"442","The Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens Band","Brooklyn, Bronx & Queens Band"
"443","Ndugu & The Chocolate Jam Co.","Do I Make You Feel Better?"
"444","Mtume","In Search Of The Rainbow Seekers"
"446","The Strikers","The Strikers"
"447","B.T. Express","1980"
"448","Crown Heights Affair","Think Positive"
"449","Kool & The Gang","Celebrate"
"451","Redd Hott","#1"
"452","Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly","Inspiration"
"453","The Strangers","The Strangers"
"454","Vaughan MasonAnd Butch Dayo","Feel My Love"
"455","Edwin Birdsong","Funtaztik"
"457","Rafael Cameorn","Cameron's in Love"
"459","Instant Funk","Instant Funk"
"460","Chapter 8","This Love's For Real"
"461","Fatback Band","Tasty Jam"
"462","GQ","Disco Nights"
"463","Frank Hooker And Positive People","Frank Hooker And Positive People"
"464","Full Force","Smoove"
"465","James Brown","I'm Real"
"466","Tyrone Brunson","Sticky Situation"
"468","Wax","Do You Believe In Magic"
"469","Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers","Bustin' Loose"
"470","Trouble Funk","In Times of Trouble"
"471","EU","Livin' Large"
"472","Waldo","Love Don't Grow On Trees"
"475","L.A. Connection","L.A. Connection"
"477","The S.O.S. Band","Just The Way You Like It"
"478","Wynd Chymes","Arrival"
"479","Mason","Livin’ On The Edge"
"480","Sho-Nuff","Stand Up For Love"
"481","Natural High","Natural High 1"
"482","Ebonee Webb","Ebonee Webb"
"484","The Right Choice","The Right Choice"
"485","AC Black","AC Black"
"487","Silver Platinum",""
"488","Hot Bush","Hot Bush"
"489","P.Funk All Stars","P.Funk All Stars"
"490","Bootsy","Ultra Wave"
"491","Xavier","Point of Pleasure"
"493","T T F","Today, Tomorrow, Forever"
"494","The Malemen","Express Male"
"495","General Caine","General Caine II Get Down Attack"
"496","Keni Burke","Changes"
"497","Invisible Man's Band","Really Wanna See You"
"499","Platinum Hook","Watvhing You"
"500","Mighty Fire","Mighty Fire"
"501","Atlantic Starr","Yours Forever"
"502","Ray Parker Jr.","A Woman Needs Love"
"503","Pleasure","Give It Up"
"505","The Gap Band","III"
"506","Klymaxx","Meeting in the Ladies Room"
"507","The System","The Pleasure Seekers"
"508","Bloodstone","We Go a Long Way Back"
"510","The Snapp","The Snapp"
"514","The Fit","Just Havin’ Fun"
"515","The Band A.K.A.","Man Of The Music"
"516","The Live Band","A Chance Hor Hope"
"517","The Rose Brothers","In The Mix"
"518","One Way","Who's Foolin' Who"
"519","ADC Band","Roll with the Punches"
"520","R.J.'s Latest Arrival","R.J.'s Latest Arrival"
"521","Hunt's Determination","Get Your Act Together"
"522","Kiara","To Change and / or Make a Difference"
"524","Magnum Force","Share My Love"
"525","Ingram","Night Stalkers"
"526","Chocolate Milk","Friction"
"527","I.N.D.","Into New Dimensions"
"528","Jewel","Cut 'n' Polished"
"529","Pure Gold","Pure Gold"
"530","Prince","Sign 'O' The Times"
"531","The Time","Pandemonium"
"533","Twennynine featuring Lenny White","Best Of Friends"
"534","Pieces of a Dream","'Bout Dat Time"
"535","Trussel","Love Injection"
"538","Fat Larry's Band","Lookin' For Love"
"539","First Circle","Boy's Night Out"
"543","Central Line","Central Line"
"544","Z’ Look","Take U BuckTo My Place"
"545","Starpoint","Have You Got What It Takes"
"546","Entouch","All Night"
"547","Club Nouveau","Life, Love & Pain"
"548","Foster & McElory","FM 2"
"549","Atension","Def On Arrival"
"550","Mac Band","Mac Band (feat. McCampbell Bros.)"


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